Hortensia Völckers, Künstlerische Direktorin und Vorstand der Kulturstiftung des Bundes, Foto: Gerhard Kassner

Hortensia Völckers

Member of the Executive Board and Artistic Director

Hortensia Völckers was appointed the Artistic Director and member of the Executive Board of the German Federal Cultural Foundation in Halle an der Saale, Germany in 2002. With the Federal Cultural Foundation, she has developed numerous programmes which promote international cultural exchange, the field of dance in Germany and discourse on socially relevant issues, such as migration, shrinking cities, the culture of sustainability and the future of labour. From 1995 to 1997, she was a member of the curatorial team of the documenta X in Kassel, after which she was entrusted with supervising the Vienna Festival until 2001.

29/10/1957 Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina
1975 School Certificate at Northlands School in Buenos Aires
Moved to Germany
1976 German School Certificate (Abitur) at the Studienkolleg in Munich
1977 - 1981 Studied Politics and History of Art at the Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität of Munich
1981 - 1986 Galerie Herzer in Munich
1986 - 1987 Resident in New York to research and prepare the Munich International Dance Biennale
1989 Concept and organisation of "Dance '89"
(Dance Biennale) on behalf of the Cultural Department of the City of Munich
Co-director with Bettina Wagner
1989 - 1991 Siemens cultural programme
responsible for visual arts
1990 Founded Völckers & Bergelt
Concept for the "Sonderreihe Form" (Special Series Form)
at Erlangen Theatre, with Martin Bergelt
1989 - 1991 Concept and organisation of the "Dance '91"
exhibition with works by Jan Fabre
at the Kunstverein Munich, as part of "Dance '91"
1992 Co-director of the ART Project Munich, Music Festival
Concept for the special series "Das Schöne" (The Beautiful) at Erlangen Theatre
1993 Concept and organisation of "Dance '93"
Co-curator of the exhibition "Ordnung & Zerstörung" (Order & Destruction) in Lothringerstraße, Munich as part of "Dance '93"
1994 Member of the jury at the International Dance Competition in Bagnolet (France) with 22 worldwide platforms
1995 Co-curator of PHASE 1 - Visual Arts
in the Theater Am Turm, Frankfurt

Concept and organisation of "Dance '95"

Curator of the exhibition "körper formen" (forming bodies)
in Lothringerstraße, Munich as part of "Dance '95"

Preparation of PHASE 2 in the TAT, Frankfurt

1995 - 1997 documenta X, Kassel
Personal assistant to the Artistic Director, Catherine David, and member of the Artistic Directorate, dx

November 1997 Director of the Vienna Festival
to June 2001

November 1997 Appointed to the Advisory Committee for Visual Arts at the Federal Chancellery
1998 Member of the WEISZBUCH working group
on reform of cultural policy in Austria
1999 Guest lecturer at the Institute of Culture Management in Vienna

Artistic directorship of the International Dance Festival
"tanz2000.at - ReMembering the Body"

Curator of the exhibition "98/99/2000. Scholarships for Visual Arts. The new Generation of Artists" at Krems Art Gallery
(with Wolfgang Denk and Brigitte Huck)

2001 Member of the Programme Advisory Committee for Q21 of the MuseumsQuartier, Vienna
Member of the University Advisory Committee of the Academy of Visual Arts, Vienna

Publications with Martin Bergelt
"Zeit-Räume", Hanser Verlag
"Sonderreihe Form", Theater Erlangen
"Ordnung and Zerstörung", Hanser Verlag
"Sonderreihe Das Schöne", Theater Erlangen
"körper formen", programme for Dance '95

With Gabriele Brandstetter
"ReMembering the Body", Hatje Cantz Verlag, May 2000

Catalogue of the exhibition "98/99/2000. Scholarships for Visual Arts. The new Generation of Artists", December 2000

Since March
Member of the Executive Board and Artistic Director of the Federal Cultural Foundation


Executive Board

The Artistic Director, Hortensia Völckers, and the Administrative Director, Alexander Farenholtz, constitute the Executive Board of the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

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